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7 Easy Steps to LinkedIn Success

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LinkedIn is a platform known for its specialization. It benefits business people and students looking for an internship or employment the most. Companies also use LinkedIn to differentiate themselves in the market.

On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to connect with the greatest professionals in your field. More than that, you can communicate directly with them. As a company, you need to achieve the level of the desired professional.

Be the best version

It is very important to know how to present your company and how to perform on the business social network LinkedIn. We have selected 7 steps that you must pay attention to if you want to achieve so.

1. Rule 10 actions

Try to leave 10 interactions every day. What is meant by that? Comments, likes and shares are interactions. Each counts for itself as one interaction. Strive to be present and show it to your audience. In this way, you will gain their trust.

2. Expand your network

Remember that the number of connections is also an important factor. People will trust you more if you have 500+ connections.

That’s why you try to increase the number of your connections by 10 every day. That’s not that much, is it? Know that it will contribute a lot to your performance on LinkedIn.

3. Edit your profile

Whether you are an individual or a company, you need to present yourself in the best possible way. Not only that, but the audience needs to recognize you.

It is useless to have a lot of experience and the best possible profile, if your target group of people cannot find yours on the networks. That’s why you need to know that it’s important to use keywords.

Through keywords, the network algorithm will recommend you to other people with the same interest. It will also make it easier for you to get in touch with companies.

4. It’s all a matter of routine

In the beginning, it will not be natural for you to write about your success or things from the business world. It will sound like you’re forcing yourself.

However, over time, you will get used to it and see how much even small steps are worth. The point of it all is to do it in your style. You need to leave your mark on every post, get people to take action and earn all the likes and comments.

5. Allow the audience to hear your voice

If someone asks you a question, answer it with a voice message. This is primarily a healthy relationship. People love when they experience that behind the profile on LinkedIn are actually living people. It means that if you answer the question in your own voice, the person on the other side gets the answer with a part of your energy.

6. Encourage action

Don’t expect comments and likes to just fall from the sky. Okay, sometimes it really will.  But it certainly won’t be while you’re at the beginning of your career. For that reason, it is best to encourage your audience to like your post or leave a comment at the same time.

How can you do this? For example, you can ask them a question and they can answer in the comments.

7. Appreciation time

Use other people’s content to complete yours. Do this if you really value someone’s content. Don’t repost just to do something. Yet everything on your profile represents you.

For example, you are interested in sales and some of your connections have written a book about sales techniques. They shared it with their audience for free. What will you do?

Share their post with your audience and thank them publicly in front of everyone for the initiative that they have made.

The authors will be grateful for the appreciation time. Your audience will be grateful for the new information, and you will complete your profile. Someone looking at your profile will know exactly what you value.

Remember this too…

We are here to support each other! People grow by pushing others forward. Everyone will understand you in good faith.

Take advantage of having access to a large number of people in one place. They are all here for one reason – to be noticed!

If you are a company using LinkedIn, take advantage of this fact!

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